Labor law in the service of human resources management

Offering HR departments advice tailored to their particular needs


Pragmatic advice

Philippot Avocats seeks first and foremost to understand the expectations of human resource departments and their various stakeholders.

Our advice is designed to help the company secure its practices, overcome obstacles, and streamline its operations.


A flexible approach

The firm is organized to respond to your needs quickly and with maximum accessibility.

Every decision we reach is made only after deep discussion with our clients.

Two key values of our firm include flexibility and the ability to adapt our methods and working tools to your corporate culture and procedures.

Philippot Avocats offers its clients an array of professional services,  including the following…

  • Work meetings
  • Conference calls
  • Quick email correspondence
  • Drafting agreements, contracts, etc.
  • Drafting response letters to employees, trade unions, labor inspectors (e.g., responding to a litigation threat)
  • Practical guides (e.g., guide to committee elections)
  • Operational calendar (e.g., collective dismissal)
  • Presentation or communication documents for employee representative bodies or external parties (e.g., PowerPoint presentation for the Works Council or Board of Directors)
  • Training for operational staff and executives (e.g., in the context of organizational restructuring or prior to a works council meeting)
  • Coaching (e.g., before a negotiation meeting)
  • Benchmarking (e.g., benchmarking of contractual indemnities)