The law firm supports you on a daily basis: tailored, pragmatic, and responsive assistance to secure your HR decisions and eliminate sources of obstacles.

Strategic projects


The firm accompanies you in restructuring and development projects: from the construction to the realization of the company’s project, the firm eliminates the obstacles and helps you to exceed your objectives.



The firm takes a step back and positions the problem in relation to your own stakes: thanks to a good understanding of the impact of litigation on your company, the firm builds a coherent and effective litigation strategy.



The firm helps you to update and strengthen your knowledge and skills in employment law: through training courses related to current events or targeted on the topics of your choice.


The firm takes a close interest in the strategic stakes, the professions, the products and the business model of the companies for which it intervenes, which makes it possible to provide advice perfectly adapted to the economic context and the operational needs of each of its clients.

A personalized advice

The firm’s lawyers develop a close relationship with their clients. They understand their expectations, their sources of stress and their operational needs, which reinforces the intuitu personae of the relationship between the counsel and his client,and makes it possible to guarantee a reactive and customized service.