A company with more than 300 employees was paying many different bonuses according to criteria that had become more and more confusing over time. The firm was asked to review its variable compensation practices in order to secure them.

In the course of its mission, the firm noted that the variable compensation methods were not adapted to the objectives pursued.

The firm proposed to the company to set up a profit-sharing scheme, specially calibrated to meet the company’s needs and the employees’ expectations. It drafted the agreement and assisted the company in the signing and publication procedure.

Until now, no consultant had suggested such a solution and the company thought it was technically insurmountable given the complexity of its organization.

The company called this proposal “creative”. In addition to realizing “tens of thousands of euros in savings on social charges”, the company was satisfied with the return of its employees who, feeling rewarded for their commitment, were all the more involved and benefited from a better variable compensation.

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